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herpixieears Asked:
Look how big baby girl has gotten Omg so beautiful, how are you and the family??

My answer:

Aww thank you :) seems like she is getting bigger and bigger everyday! We are all very good actually.. How bout you guys?!


Tumblr is crazy with a windows phone, I can’t even figure out how to read half my stuff or what to press. I am addicted to this new phone tho and I’m determined to figure it out 😉😉

I have been having baby fever with all these expecting moms coming into work doing registries! And seeing newborn babies and little ones makes me want to be pregnant and have another one. Lili is almost 2 & a half so I def want to try having one soon. Not now, but in the near future 😍♥👶

Ohhh my , I have not been on tumblr in forever… Its weird to read my old posts and look at the pictures of bugs . I don’t even have most of these anymore cause of how many phones I’ve switched and changed and bought. Its such a nice flashback that’s for sure! ♥


If you want to force a woman to carry a child to term then you have a personal responsibility to care for that woman, keep her happy and healthy as possible, throughout the pregnancy, and then, make sure that the child grows up happy, healthy, safe, and wanted.
Anything less than that level of commitment, and i do not know what you are but you are certainly not pro-life.

Princess Buggieee ♥

#perfection #princess

She brightens my days.

family is the most important thing in the world. never hold a grudge, tomorrow isn’t promised.

Hi Dolls.
My name is Kayla & I am completely in love with my soul mate & supporter Momo.
Married since 2-2-11.
We live in Portland, Oregon with our perfect little princess, Lili Marie.
Born: 11-1-11
Weight: 6lbs 6oz
Height: 19 Inches.
in San Jose, California.
My blog is mainly about my family, my daughter & our life together.
Love y'all<3

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